Cisco Adds 5G Option to Catalyst Router Portfolio

Cisco Adds 5G Option to Catalyst Router Portfolio

Tobias Mann | Editor January 26, 2021 5:30 PM

SDxCentral 2-Minute Weekly Wrap: Cisco Adds 5G Option to Catalyst Router Portfolio

Cisco unveiled a new crop of Catalyst routers alongside its promised 5G cellular gateway. The update comes after Cisco unified its Integrated Services Routers (ISR), Aggregation Services Routers (ASR), and Cloud Services Routers (CSR) under the Catalyst umbrella back in October.

Today’s announcement introduces four new appliances to the Catalyst 8000-series edge platform, which encompass routing, SD-WAN, security, compute and other functionality through the use of virtual network function (VNFs).

The first is a WAN aggregation router dubbed the Catalyst 8500L. The appliance is an entry-level version of its 8500 aggregation router, announced last year, and is targeted at customers requiring between 1 Gb/s and 10 Gb/s of total throughput. It’s powered a by a 12-core x86 processor and up to 64GB of memory, which Cisco claims enables the router to support secure connectivity to thousands of remote sites.

Launching alongside the 8500L are the branch-focused Catalyst 8200 and 8200 uCPE appliances. The standard 8200 is an SD-WAN appliance that Cisco claims is capable of up to 1 Gb/s of aggregated forward throughput.

The uCPE variant of 8200 and is targeted at customers that need the flexibility to run multiple third-party VNFs on a single appliance. However, unlike the standard Catalyst 8200, the uCPE variant is limited to 500 Mb/s of IPsec performance.

Both are powered by an 8-core CPU and come equipped with 8GB of memory.

Finally, Cisco unveiled its first 5G cellular gateway for the Catalyst portfolio. The gateway features a sub-6 GHz 5G radio designed to offer customers additional connectivity options for high-speed, low-latency communication. The gateway is designed to integrate with any of Cisco’s Catalyst routers or edge appliances and is powered over Ethernet (PoE).

Cisco Updates Licensing

In addition to the new hardware, Cisco is also revamping its licensing model into a three tiered offering under the Cisco DNA brand. Cisco DNA Essentials encompasses the company’s core SD-WAN capabilities, including circuit load balancing, centralized management and orchestration, and traffic path steering.

Moving up to DNA Advantage adds additional routing capabilities to the mix, enhanced security functionality, expanded SD-WAN features, analytics, and Cisco’s cloud onramp for software-as-a-service (SaaS), cloud, and colocations.

Cisco’s top-tier DNA Premier subscription takes things a step further, and extends its secure access service edge (SASE) offering to the company’s Catalyst line. This includes integrations with Cisco Umbrella for cloud-based security.

Cisco Nexus Gets an Update

Cisco today also announced its Next Firmware Development Kit, an SDK for FPGA-based switches and SmartNICs, was now available in the company’s online marketplace.

“The framework lowers the barrier to utilizing FPGA-based devices for custom network offload and acceleration applications,” explained Todd Pritchett, senior product manager for data center networking at Cisco, in a blog post. “Users no longer have to start with a blank FPGA development card and electronic schematic. Instead users can now start with a cost-effective, production-quality, fully supported Cisco Nexus SmartNICs and Cisco Nexus 3550 network switches.”

Alongside the Cisco Nexus SDK, the company also extended its Multi-Site Orchestrator (MSO) to the Nexus dashboard. Cisco’s MSO enables customers to deploy consistent network and policy orchestration, scalability, and disaster recovery across multiple data centers from a single dashboard.

“Cisco Multi-Site Orchestrator allows operators to realize a true hybrid cloud scenario, defining and orchestrating network policy across [data center network manager], [application-centric infrastructure,] cloud, and edge across domains,” said Adam Ozkan, who heads up hybrid cloud infrastructure at Cisco, in a blog post.

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